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Career Programs

Career Programs

Work Based Learning

  • 11th-12th grades
  • Elective
  • One Semester

In 2014-15, Work Based Learning experiences will focus on careers in Advanced Manufacturing and S.T.E.M related industries. Our local economy is home to many global corporations in the advanced manufacturing field. These companies provide excellent entry level careers with opportunities for paid training and even paid college credits after graduation.  Our Industrial Technology department will coordinate all work based learning experiences with local companies in advanced manufacturing, metals technology, robotics, agriculture, and related fields.     

3rd and 4th year students have the opportunity to gain work experience (unpaid and paid) through the Work Based Learning class.  Work Based Learning is when a school collaborates with a local employer to hire a student for a period of time (unpaid and paid) to give the student job training to help the student prepare for a future career goal.  To participate, students must complete the Work Based Learning application for the Career Programs and meet with the Career Coordinator to find appropriate placements which is secured at the end of an interview process with the employer.  To participate in this class, students need to have reliable transportation, be at least sixteen years old, have good attendance, appropriate character references, and currently taking or have taken a related class to their work experience.  Students have a class component as well as reporting to their work site.  The Work Based Learning class is offered most hours of the school day as well as a 7th hour (after school) class.  Students may elect to be in the Work Based Learning program no more than ½ of their school day. 

Application for Work Based Learning