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NCAA Eligibility Requirements




Student athletes first entering a collegiate institution in the 2012-13 academic year will have eligibility for practice and competition in the freshman year when certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. (Information about this clearinghouse has been made available to every high school.)   To sign up for initial eligibility, please go to the official NCAA website. 



To be considered a qualifier at a Division I institution and be eligible for financial aid, practice, and competition during a student's first year, he/she must


1.   Graduate from high school.

2.   Division 1 has a sliding scale for test score and grade-point average.  For the sliding scale on those requirements, refer to the index below:


CORE GPA                   SAT                  ACT (total of four main sub scores)

2.500 and above          820                     68

2.475                            830                     69

2.450                            840-850              70

                          2.425                            860                     70

2.400                            860                     71

2.375                            870                     72


3.   Present a minimum grade point average in at least 16 core courses (credits) in the following areas:

      NCAA will only consider courses that have been taken during high school (9th-12th grades).

·         English – four years

·         Mathematics – three years (Algebra I or higher)

·         Natural or physical science – two years (including one year of lab)

·         Additional course in English, mathematics, or natural or physical science

·         Social  Science – two years

·         Extra core courses from any category above and foreign language – four years


To be a qualifier at a Division II institution, a student must


1.   Graduate from high school.

2.   Present a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in at least 14 core courses in the same areas noted above.

3.   Present a minimum 820-combined score on the SAT verbal and math section or a minimum sum score of 68 on the ACT.  There is no sliding scale in Division II.  Please note:  Division II will require 16 core courses beginning August 1, 2013.


The following courses are NCAA approved core courses:


American Experience

American Literature

English Literature/AP

British Literature

English Language and Composition/AP

IB English (HL)

College English

Creative Writing


Debate /Advanced

English 9 (English 1 - Honors, Regular, and Teamed)

English 10 (English 2 - Honors, Regular, and Teamed)

English 11 (English 3 - Regular and Teamed)

Expository Writing / Advanced


Journalistic Writing


Reading & Writing Workshop

Theatre 1

Theatre 2


Algebra I (PATH and Teamed)

Algebra II (Extended, PATH, Regular, STEM, and Teamed)

Geometry (Teamed, PATH, and Regular)

Discrete Math

Statistics & probability

Statistics in Sports


Adv. Math Pre-Calculus (PATH and Regular)

IB Math (SL)

IB Math Studies (SL)

IB Business Management (SL)

AP Calculus AB/BC

AP Statistics


Social Science

U.S. History (AP, Regular, and Teamed)

World History & Geography (AP, Regular and Teamed)

Government (AP, Regular and Teamed)

Economics (AP, Regular and Teamed)

Ancient History

Constitutional Law

European History / AP

IB History of the Americas (HL) 

IB Theory of Knowledge            

Perspectives / World Cultures

Cultural & Global Issues

Intro to Law

Psychology (AP and Regular)

World Issues


Natural/Physical Science

Biology (AP, IB, Regular, and Teamed)

Chemistry (Acc., AP, IB, Regular, and Teamed)

Physics (AP, Conceptual, IB, Regular, and Teamed)

Anatomy & Physiology I & II (Blended, Regular, LGI)


Environmental Science (AP and IB)




Foreign Language

French 1, 2, 3, 4, AP, IB

German 1, 2, 3, 4, IB

Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, AP, IB

Spanish Immersion 1 & 2