Business Management & Marketing Pathway

Careers related to all aspects of business including:
  • accounting, business administration, finance, information processing
  • entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, hospitality and tourism
  • computer/information systems, finance, office administration 
  • human resource management, economics and general management

Classes Offered in the Business Management & Marketing Pathway

  • Accounting I, II, II
  • Personal Finance, Adv. Personal Finance                               
  • Marketing I, II
  • School Store Management                                                            
  • Intro to Business
  • Personal Computers, Adv. Personal Computers                         
  • Business Management                                                
  • Programming in Visual Basic                                 
  • Foods I & II                                                         
  • Economics
  • AP Economics
  • IB Business & Management                                                                                             
  • Foreign Languages